How to Install & Scan

How to Install Malwarebytes on computer is not a difficult task; rather its installation is as easy as any other normal programs. It can be installed on Windows XP as well as on Vista easily. However, there may be some different features shown during installation on XP Service pack 3 and Vista. First of all, you are required to download this program, for this purpose you are advised to use only official website.

It is a necessary point of How to Install Malwarebytes that a fresh and malware free copy is available only on an official website of malwarebytes. Once you have complete the download, now it is time to install on your computer. If you find any difficulty, you should go through step by step guide of How to Install Malwarebytes. Open the recently downloaded file in your computer and then click on Run button shown at the start of installation.

A new window will appear on the screen asking about the language selection. After selecting the proper language you can see a welcome screen, the next step of How to Install Malwarebytes is to click on a next button. A license agreement window will be shown, make sure that you should agree with this term and condition, by clinking on ‘I accept the agreement’. Now, you have entered in ‘Information’ section.

Here you will be able to have a look upon the latest version of this program. Select your desired updated version and then click on next. The next point of How to Install Malwarebytes is to select the desired location to install this program and click on the next. In this step, you will be asked for program shortcuts, make your selection and click on the next button. After clicking on a next button a new screen showing ‘select additional task’ will be appeared.

Here you can make the selection about quick launching icon. Select tray as an additional option and then click on a next button. The next point of How to Install Malwarebytes is that, you have to wait for few minutes until the installation is completed. A confirmation window will appear before proceeding to the next point. You can go in the previous section by clicking on ‘Back’ button.

If you do not want to go back, then you have to click on ‘Install’ button to begin an installation process. This installation may require few seconds or few minutes depending upon the speed of your computer. If you find any difficulty, then you can read; How to Install Malwarebytes from the web in details.

After the installation process has been completed, you can see a ‘finish’ button will be highlighted. Now you have to click on this button for completing this task. It will be updated in few seconds or in the couple of minutes depending upon the Internet connection speed and also the performance of your computer.

After completing the setup, you can select scanning or leave this option if you want to scan later. However, a smart scan is recommended at the end of installation of this program. It will track any malfunction of your hard drive in few minutes. If you still feel difficulty according to How to Install Malwarebytes, then you are advised to ask from an expert near your residence.