What's included with Malwarebytes PRO

Lifetime license just one of the awesome features of PRO.

  • Lifetime License

    Lifetime License

    Fed up of renewing anti-virus? Malwarebytes is one payment and you get updates for life. Talk about value!

  • Real-Time Protection

    Real-Time Protection

    Real-time protection runs in the background similar to antivirus and prevents malware and other threats in realtime.

  • Malicious Website Protection

    Malicious Website Protection

    Stop threats before they reach your computer. Malwarebytes prevents and blocks access to known and zero day malicious websites.

  • Automatic Scanning

    Automatic Scanning

    Automatically let Malwarebytes PRO scan your computer, this feature means you can schedule scans easily.

  • Automatic Updates

    Automatic Updates

    The latest malware threats are automatically updated daily (or however often you want) with this PRO feature ensuring your malware definitions are always upto date.

  • Zero Day Protection

    Zero Day Protection

    Malwarebytes PRO prevents zero-day threats they aren't even recognised by traditional AV using its advanced scanning engine.

  • Really, I love this product and cannot recommend it enough. Equally as commendable as the software is the 5 Star tech support you will get with it. I'm talking about an email response sometimes within minutes and none of that crap about having to scour thread after thread after thread in a useless "user forum" filled with computer Prima Donnas trying to find a vague reference to your problem. You can do that... if you hate yourself but you can also send them an email and they actually email you back before you've banged a head-sized hole in your desk.
    David Munoz
  • Does not slow down your computer like other anti-malware does. Found some files that other anti-malware products (like StopZilla) missed. Does not pop up at annoying times. Fantastic product. Everywhere I looked at reviews, nothing but raves. I agree. It saved me. Buy it. You won't be sorry.
    Veto Override
  • I am in IT and as part of my job, I remove malware from computers. Malwarebytes is the #1 tool in my arsenal to accomplish this and I always recommend our "frequent flyers" purchase the pro version to prevent malware from landing on their computers in the first place (the freeware version will remove it after the fact, but cannot fix file corruption that may take place with some types of infections).

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This is the best protection available on the market for your computer today, don’t waste your money on annual subscriptions to anti virus products that charge a fortune and don’t detect any threats, spend a one off super-affordable amount on Malwarebytes and get its protection for life against every threat and help support the creators and developers of one of the world’s most used free anti-malware products, use our Malwarebytes Coupon to secure a discount on MBAM PRO.

Reasons upgrade to Malwarebytes Full Version

There are many reasons to upgrade to the full version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, if you’re an existing user of the free edition of Malwarebytes you will certainly know the full extent of the powerful anti-malware engine that Malwarebytes offers – It’s one of the most powerful ways of removing dangerous threats and malware from your computer securely and firstly, it can effectively terminate any malicious files from your computer, some even say its more effective than anti-viruses due to its large database.

  • Lifetime License – One payment & get lifetime protection, no subscriptions.
  • Lifetime Updates – Automatic Updates ensure your protected from the latest threats, always.
  • Realtime Scanning – Realtime Protection against threats the second they are detected
  • Quarantine Function – Holds threats for your convenience.
  • Ignore Ability – Ignore list for websites and threats.
  • Password Protect – Protect program settings with a password.
  • CMD Support – Run from Command Line.
  • Chameleon – Run Malwarebytes even when viruses stop it.


These features guarantee you peace of mind when using Malwarebytes, for the full list of added features and benefits of using Malwarebytes check the official website. As our website was created to provide special discounts and Malwarebytes Coupon’s if you scroll to the top and use our unique Malwarebytes Coupon to save up to 20-25% on Malwarebytes and get all of these features for a one-off fee even more discounted than the retail price.

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Malwarebytes Coupon was setup early 2010 in partnership with Malwarebytes in order to provide special promotional coupon codes for Malwarebytes PRO the full version of Malwarebytes that provides added features to the protection and general version of Malwarebytes, the free version works fine for one off scanning but for added protection of priority updates and realtime scanning with Malwarebytes the full version is highly recommended due to its extremely good detection rates and engine. We recommend you see our latest Malwarebytes 2017 Feature Review for more information on the features of the latest Malwarebytes.

Our website aims to provide accurate, valid working Malwarebytes Coupon’s to be used by home users of Malwarebytes, you can get a discount on up to 15 Malwarebytes PRO licenses by using our website in order to do this you must use the discount coupon/link provided and then you can adjust the cart into your desired quantity of Malwarebytes licenses – you can select other options such as language and currency too on the checkout page and if you want to opt for the Backup CD and other options.

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