Benefits of Malwarebytes Full Version

Experiencing problems within your PC, such as time lags and errors while running certain programs, may be a result of viruses within your computer. Such problems are often encountered and altogether hard to avoid with the wide usage that computers are now put to. When this fact becomes evident to users, they resort to downloading several different versions of antivirus softwares, which they feel will best protect their computer from malicious programs attacking their system. One such widely used software is Malwarebytes that guarantees protection of your PC by stopping a virus in its tracks when every other software fails you. This is most important because a virus can thread its way through your computer and destroy your central system beyond repair.

Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware software removes some of the most advanced spyware and malware that your computer encounters, by using fast and effective scans. However, several people argue about the importance of buying the full version, when the downloadable or Pro-version is easily available. The argument topples over for buying the full version, simply because it contains additional features which help protect your PC more efficiently than it would do otherwise, with the downloadable version running.

The full version of Malwarebytes includes the capability of scheduling updates alongside scans. It is also inclusive of real-time malware protection which is a module that blocks any threatening processes, which hope to attack your computer, even before they begin. This is most important if you possess a computer that is used more frequently and by more people than you. If you are the only person using your PC or the usage of your computer is in a personal environment, then your computer is less likely to catch onto any bugs that may hamper its system. The same cannot however, be said about computer use within a corporate setting or that used by several people. It is then, that fewer restrictions can be put and there is likeliness of violation of user defined guidelines. This makes your system more vulnerable to attacks whilst being used to surf the internet.

The benefits which are inclusive of purchasing the full version are scheduled updates so that users do not have to go through the hassle of searching through updates on their own. Malwarebytes provides lifetime software upgrades regardless of the features you choose to include. Unlike other antivirus softwares, which have to be deleted in entirety once they become old and outdated, Malwarebytes avoids such fate by this offer. Recently, it has come up with a new form of catching consumer attention by offering special Promo Codes that enable users to benefit from a 20% discount when buying the Malwarebytes software. Users now have a reason to shift from using the free downloadable version to the full version. The Malwarebytes antivirus system can be updated using a small fee, giving the user unlimited access to the latest features which are only available within a full version, all at a discounted rate. Add to these features easy installation and average users have quite a deal at their disposal.

Upon use, the Malwarebytes software appears to be quite effective because of the speed that it possess in removing malware and scanning, which takes about 8 minutes. This is a bonus users can more than hope to have, seeing as how certain computers have high-resource programs running while Malwarebytes is in use. When tested on multiple computers, it was able to distinguish between false positives and any actual dangerous threats which a computer could encounter. This shows the software’s effectiveness when other popular antivirus softwares remain stumped while undergoing such tests. Another important feature within this package is the software’s support for scanning of multiple drives, including network drives. There is scanning present, on demand, which can be availed by context menu options. There is an additional “FileAssassin” option which is added in the More Tools section. It is useful in removing any locked files which may appear suddenly on your PC. The interface for this software is simple, well organized and a pleasant relief for unprofessional users. The options given underneath each tab are as few and as simply named as possible, in order to avoid any overcrowding.

The installation process for Marwarebytes is fast and offers a changelog alongside instantaneous file updates in definitions. It leaves an unnoticeable footprint on the user’s PC, does not auto start when a computer is started and is very easily installed with one simple click. All of these features help add to its benefits in making it user-friendly software. Malwarebytes is the antivirus software which is programmed to run alongside other antivirus softwares, instead of running against them. In fact, Malwarebytes recommends the installation of the full version while other anti-virus softwares are in use. This is mostly because it focuses more on the latest viruses which are most difficult to deal with while the other antivirus softwares help combat against common threats which, if led unattended, could hamper the entire computer system. Hence, no previously downloaded antivirus software needs to be deleted to accommodate Malwarebytes.

This is not only accomplished by the effort put into the creation of this software but also, by a dedicated Research team as well as a large number of experts from all over the online security field. They aid Malwarebytes in providing samples and upgraded detection methods to catch the most silent and difficult of threats, efficiently. This is possibly why their program is designed to run and take up only the lightest of resources so as to avoid troubling interference with any other antivirus systems running on your computer. The process is made smoother by the fact that if there is detection of a threat which can be handled by both running antivirus programs, then the alternative antivirus software will detect it before Malwarebytes even has an opportunity to detect the threat. Any other threat undetectable by the alternative antivirus program will be caught on and destroyed by Malwarebytes.