Chameleon and Malwarebytes – Install and Run Malwarebytes

Some viruses prevent antivirus from being installed, even run, they manipulate your system into blocking and stopping antiviruses from running this is an effort to make sure the virus stays on your computer forever, this is no longer – with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware’s latest update includes Chameleon technology to allow Malwarebytes to run even if it’s been blocked by rootkits, Trojans, or other viruses Malwarebytes will install and run regardless of how hard a virus tries to block it.

This gives Malwarebytes a great advantage over other products on the market and it’s free! Most paid security product’s don’t have this kind of feature unless you use a special boot CD to remove the infection from the computer, we recommend you run the full Malwarebytes PRO in the first place to protect against threats and viruses from ever installing themselves in the first place this is the most effective way – prevention with viruses and malware is certainly better than cure, although you can rest assured with the latest Chameleon technology from Malwarebytes your computer can be protected and cured in the event of an infection.

You can download Malwarebytes Chameleon from the official website by clicking here, it will install Malwarebytes even in the toughest of environments full of viruses and other malicious malware.

There is also a help file included on how to use Chameleon.

What does Chameleon exactly do?

Chameleon pretends to be another file – like a legitimate bit of Windows Software and uses this fake disguise to run Malwarebytes so you can remove any infections on your computer, many bits of software prevent Malwarebytes Anti-Malware from running such as dangerous virus infections but by using Chameleon you can run Malwarebytes, scan for infections and remove any that may exist without having to completely re-install your computer so this can save you a lot of time and effort.

We recommend you use the new version of Chameleon – you can always get the latest version from Malwarebytes own website, we also recommend you upgrade to the PRO version of Malwarebytes by using any of the links on this page.