Malwarebytes 2012 Feature Review

If you are a member of internet world, you will be familiar with malware software. There are a number of different malware anti-virus programs that are easily available on internet to keep your computer safe from being infected by different viruses. You can use anyone of them but the problem is this, there is not even a single one that can treat all types of infections at the same time. So installation of any one software will not be sufficient for your computer to be safe from all the malicious websites that are increasing in numbers day by day with their sole purpose to disrupt your computer and create a ubiquitous condition among the users of computer.

More and more researches are being conducted to solve this problem. Different companies are putting extra-ordinary efforts to create software that can really save your computer from all the threats. Some of them are successful in their quest but they are very expansive. Everybody cannot afford to have it for his PC. As the techniques and the software are highly sophisticated, so they are efficient enough to save your computer from being hijacked by unknown enemies. They identify theft and other threats along with offering you the most suitable treatment for the specific threat that your computer is facing.

Malwarebytes 2012 is a computer software application that detects problems relating to the safety of your PC and removes them with ease. It is offered by the company named “Malwarebytes Corporation” that was earlier on lead by one single person. It has been in use since last seven years and people have taken advantage of it by treating their affected computers successfully. Its usability and likeliness can easily be judged by the fact that it has removed more than 5 billion viruses and spywares; and since its beginning, it has been downloaded more than 100 million times. It is a record and shows its popularity that is mainly due to its functionality and effective usability. It is time tested software and you can depend upon it.

All the credit of the popularity of Malwarebytes 2012 goes to the dedicated team who has made it a trademark for the safety of your computer. They are keeping on improving their product and upgrading it continuously to make it more helpful for the users. It is easy to use and effective enough for all types of malwares. Even a layman can install its free version easily and save his computer from viruses and spywares. As the malwares are improving day by day (and Malwarebytes is one of the leading name in this category), so is the anti-malwares are. Major Geeks Approved Green Checkmark award has been given to Malwarebytes 2012 that indicates its role in the field of anti-malware software industry.

The recent version of Malwarebytes 2012 is the most updated version that has removed almost all its shortcomings and improved itself to maximum heights. The current version works well with all types of windows – windows 2000, windows EP, windows 7, Vista, and all. Normally it comes in two modes – 32 bit encryption and 64 bit encryption. The constant up gradation has improved it to the unbeatable extend (though it still has some faults that need to be researched like it affects the speed of PC while working for the recovery of malwares). In fact, computer world is a world in which changes are being occurring in every second and you have to fast enough to run with the speed of your computer. Malwarebytes 2012 knows it quite well and working with the same speed. It develops its new versions of anti-malware software and improves it according to the public opinion. Make a new version again with better results and be always ready to improve it again and again is perhaps the reason of its popularity.

The most beautiful feature of Malwarebytes 2012 is its free version that is sufficient for personal computers. It is the basic version that can be upgraded anytime to its full version by purchasing it. People who have been using it are sure enough about its effectiveness. They have found it working well in all the forms of malware. Its full version can even detect and resolve the most heavily affected systems without affecting its speed and functionality. It takes 90 MB of memory of your computer at the time of scanning with affecting your computer’s execution of other applications and making it slow. This problem is perhaps in all other anti-malware software but if you want to make your computer virus free, you will have to bear it. It’s easy to use feature is another positive point of this software. It has a straightforward approach and does not confuse it’s users as the complex applications are difficult to understand and use. The beauty of this Malwarebytes software lies in its clean interface that makes it user friendly and tension free.

The clean-up feature of Malwarebytes 2012 is exceptional. It’s most recent version has the power to tackle all the improved malwares and clean them up from their roots. Its database is too effective to detect any threat and eradicate it just in the beginning. The team updates the database fastly and the users upload them fastly. By doing this, you become safe from all forms of malwares. This rapid response is its extra feature that has made it extra-ordinary. Even the users of free version of Malwarebytes 2012 have exposure to forums. Here they learn more from the expert users about the usability of this software. It has a qualified team that is 24 hour ready to give you their assistance regarding their services. It is also an extra-ordinary feature. It uses chameleon technology that makes the whole process simple. The other benefit of this technology is at the time of its function, when anti-malware finds and resolves the problem, the computer returns to its normal speed.

To cut it short, Malwarebytes 2012 is a worldwide recognized product that has attracted the world with its usefulness as anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-spyware software. It is free, easy to use and time-tested. It gives your computer a complete protection from all types of malwares.