Malwarebytes Enterprise Edition: Using the Power of Observation to Protect Against New Threats

Malwarebytes has recently launched an enterprise-grade anti-malware application, known as Malwarebytes Enterprise Edition. This application relies heavily on observing the way in which malware acts, as opposed to seeking out its code signatures. Even if the signature code associated with a malware application changes, the application remains able to detect the malicious behaviour it is exhibiting. Malwarebytes Enterprise Edition grants you quick and easy installation and administration, and licencing is available for over 100 seats. The advanced management features of this software provide you with flexible deployment capabilities, intelligent policy creation, and informative reports that can support the workings of your business’ IT department.

When you first install Malwarebytes Enterprise Edition, it will improve your security profile by providing you with a layered defence against all known forms of malware, from common viruses to complex spyware and rare rootkits. Smart malware detection technologies are at the heart of Malwarebytes applications and they enable you to safeguard your business against threats new and old. Malwarebytes gathers samples of malware and determines whether traditional antimalware products are able to detect them. Malwarebytes uses these results to create signatures for malware that is not detected by other antimalware programs. The software even picks up zero-day malware, malware that exploits previously undetected loopholes in computer applications.

If your computer has already been infected with malware, Malwarebytes Enterprise Edition’s advanced removal technologies will clean up any malware that has slipped through the net and failed to be detected by your existing security products. Malwarebytes performs fast scans that do not significantly affect your computer’s performance. Furthermore, the Malwarebytes team works daily to ensure that the product remains compatible with other security software and hence, does not slow up your computer or cause it to crash frequently. Malwarebytes Enterprise Edition automatically updates itself, thus saving you bandwidth. These updates are highly configurable, thereby enabling your business’ unique network environment to be supported by the real-time protection against new threats.

Malwarebytes Enterprise Edition’s powerful and intuitive management system can easily be configured to suit your business’ needs. The automatic deployment capabilities enable you to configure and deploy policies and updates within minutes. Any configuration and deployment activities that do you carry out can be aided by the use of the deployment wizard, which features a deployment simulator that enables you to perform a virtual test installation and hence, pick up any issues prior to deployment.

Through the use of Malwarebytes Enterprise Edition, you can create multiple, complex antimalware detection and removal policies for different user groups and can view and update the changes that you make in real-time, enabling them to take instant effect. If you are technically-minded, you can use the reporting features to view extensive reports relating to any of the activities that it carries out. The Threat View feature collects and analyses information to aid the detection of potentially malicious programs and is also able to block IP addresses that are known for spreading malware. Malwarebytes Enterprise Edition therefore enables you to feel confident that your business is protected against new threats on a daily basis.