Malwarebytes Free VS pro: which one’s the best?

There is a trend with most antivirus and antimalware programs. They always offer a free version of their products. A free version is a great way to market a product, let the people get considerable protection and not even spend a penny for it. However, a free program is only good for people who are not heavy internet users, meaning they only go online to do some research or check emails and all those basic necessities. If you are someone who uses multiple accounts and you are working using your internet connection or even do banking, you can never be too sure about the protection that the free version can offer. Sure, it uses the same feature as with the actual paid version but there are some limitations that you have to live up with.

Let us analyze the similarities between Malwarebytes Pro Version and Free version:

Both are marketed as an advanced software for the detection and removal of malicious software. They utilize an industry recognized system in order to remove malware infections. Both versions also have automatic updates for their malware detection tools. Both products also feature access to community support in the form of email and forum communications. Lastly, both programs support several languages and they are both expanding as the number of users increase. As you can see, the services are pretty basic but the core aspect is present and that is the malware detection and removal as well as automatic updates.

When it comes to the Malwarebytes Pro Version, there are some additional features that are not present on the free version. This includes active, real time protection and detection of malware to detect known threats. There is also heuristic protection to prevent all possible malware infections. This program is also active on the cloud as it offers protection while browsing websites and it blocks infected websites from communicating with your computer. With the Pro version, you can enjoy automatic updates and there is also a feature for scheduled scanning. Lastly, the scans on the Pro version are much faster compared to the free one. There are some significant differences between the two options.

What is real time protection?

This feature seems to be highly emphasized. It is basically allowing the software to remain active on the background to actively detect malicious software activities. This allows the computer to react when doing downloads or any other activities. The feature remains in a low key feature, meaning it does not eat up much of the computer’s resources. Therefore, it seems like you do not have the program running but it is just at the background, keeping your computer safe.

Another important aspect is the heuristics protection. This is a form of analysis that makes the antimalware program smarter than ever. These programs are able to detect activity. Even before they are named or recognized, most viruses behave in a particular manner and these mannerisms or activities are detected. It is behavior detection to prevent impending risks even before it happens.

So who wins? Well, we have a clear winner with the Malwarebytes Pro Version. If you are not a heavy internet user, then you might benefit from a free version. Otherwise, you should offer full system protection to your PC using Malwarebytes Pro Version.

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