Malwarebytes Introduces Brand New Anti-Root-kit Beta

malwarebytes anti rootkit


The latest news coming in from Malwarebytes is the introduction of the Anti-Root-kit tool. This is the software company’s very first public beta – and has been developed with the intention of becoming a simple and speedy way to rid your computer of any unwanted stealthy malware. What’s more, this beta makes the whole process of use undeniably easy for all PC-users – its portable nature means that the often lengthy installation process has been made unnecessary; users simply need to unzip the download and start running MBAR.EXE. Once carried out, the beta is ready to go.

And this program really couldn’t be easier to use. As a straightforward wizard, the step-by-step instructions make it utterly free of all that technical jargon that can drive you crazy when it comes to other anti-root-kit tools available. Basically, three quick and easy steps are highlighted and followed which take you through all the necessaries: updating necessary definitions, scanning the system for potential threats and cleaning everything up – once the program has completed scanning, the user is simply requested uncheck all items that need to be kept intact, before clicking the “Cleanup” option and going ahead with the removal process.

This type of wizard-based interface is a joy for users to operate – purely because it is so simple and user-friendly. You’ll love the ease by which you can simply go through the suggested steps effectively towards a cleaner and healthier system. In addition to this, there is another tool that comes with the new program which allows the total restoration of functionality, which may be damaged as a result of malware – from Internet access, Windows Update to the Windows Firewall. Of course, there are other similar programs which surpass technical limits; but this one has consisn’tently proved to run smoothly when tested and hasn’t resulted in any problems so far – such as PC blue-screening, which has shown to have been a common difficulty among other programs in the past.

There are, of course, a few difficulties with the program as it stands – but that is expected with all betas, isn’t it? For one, it caused quite a few false alarms when tested; for somewhat unexplainable reasons that the Malwarebyte software company is currently trying to uncover. There is also a little work to be done in regards to clean-up testing – so that your computer is fully protected if the program messes up or does something wrong.

For practised and experienced windows users, this tool should prove to be extremely useful for discovery and curiosity purposes. For Malwarebyte fans, this is a great chance to explore and learn about the company’s next steps. For novices, this program may not be of as much interest – as it won’t really serve a solid purpose. However for all interested users, it is essential that you check out the documentation, as well as the bundled ReadMe.rtf file – as you will find a great deal to play around with and have fun with.