Malwarebytes PRO: Advanced Protection for Your Valuable Assets

Your computer never fails to be at risk of infection from malware, malicious software that has been designed to disrupt your computer’s operation and collect sensitive information, such as your credit card details, passwords and even the answers to the security questions that you set. Malware is constantly evolving and can be difficult to detect and remove. It is for this reason that you need to install a specialist anti-malware application to protect your computer against malware. If your computer has already been infected, such applications can detect and remove any malware found to be present.

A wide range of anti-malware applications are available for purchase, with Malwarebytes being amongst the most popular. You can choose to either download the free version of this application or purchase the full version, which is known as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO. Both Malwarebytes Free and Malwarebytes PRO offers advanced malware detection and removal. The clean-up technologies on the two versions of this application have been proven to eradicate pre-existing malware infections and this means that, if you believe that you have malware on your computer, you will be able to install either application and use it to remove malware immediately – for good. Whether you are new to Malwarebytes or not, you will be provided with access to email and forum help from the knowledgeable Malwarebytes support team and the applications are available in 35 languages, meaning that language is no barrier to Malwarebytes use.

If you have downloaded Malwarebytes Free but require advanced features from your anti-malware program, you will need to install Malwarebytes PRO. Since 97% of all online threats are malware, Malwarebytes PRO can be considered a wise investment. The full version of Malwarebytes offers many advantages over Malwarebytes Free. Malwarebytes PRO will automatically update itself with priority updates, enabling it to detect the latest of malware programs as soon as they are released, and enables you to set scheduled scanning, ensuring that you never forget to check your computer for threats. Scans of your computer will check all of your drives, while taking place at lightning fast speeds.

Malwarebytes PRO’s real-time active malware protection engine works to block all known threats and even protects you against malicious website content. In the event that your computer has already been infected with malware that prevents your anti-malware program from functioning, Malwarebytes PRO will fight the opposition on behalf of your computer. If you already have an anti-virus application on your computer, Malwarebytes PRO will cooperate with this program, without slowing down your computer. Malwarebytes PRO enables you to control your computer’s performance and its quarantine function will hold threats for you to view and lets you restore your computer at your own convenience. If you are a dab hand at detecting and removing malware, its toolbox will even hand you the controls and allow you to remove malware manually.

When the cost of a new computer can run into triple figures, it makes sense to purchase Malwarebytes PRO for a small, one-time fee. If you would like to try out Malwarebytes PRO before making a purchase, you can do this with ease by downloading the 14-day free trial. Once you have discovered the benefits of Malwarebytes PRO, you will struggle to find a more straightforward and heavy-hitting anti-malware application.