Malwarebytes VS Antivirus

Malwarebytes is one of the world leaders in anti-malware and malware removal, the reason behind this company is the excellent detection rates and the word of mouth and supporters of this product, because it’s a free bit of software it makes it extremely useful if your Windows computer gets infected with a virus or bit of malware that either your own anti-virus didn’t detect or that you find really hard to remove. Malwarebytes clean simple and easy to use interface is basic enough but it gets the job done, it’s not flashy or graphical its basic and simple but the power behind it is what matters the excellent detection engine and its ability to solidly remove almost all infections because of its excellent detection and removal features.

Malwarebytes VS Antivirus?

You may be asking yourself why do I need Malwarebytes if I have anti-virus, well good question, if your using the free version of Malwarebytes its great to run every now and then simply to remove any infections you may have, but if you’re constantly having to use Malwarebytes to fix infections your antivirus didn’t detect then it becomes a pain to constantly keep running it and you’ll soon start wishing your anti-virus was as good as Malwarebytes, this is when the premium full edition of Malwarebytes comes into its own – it’s real-time detection engine protects you against threats as you work on your computer detecting and removing them before they enter and infect your computer system, this means before the virus can do any damage or slow your computer down Malwarebytes has effectively caught the virus before it got inside, the same goes for the common cold in humans, if you can prevent it before it infects you then everything is okay, unfortunately unlike computer viruses us humans don’t have a Malwarebytes for ourselves, but you can protect your computer and you should with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Full Verison, not only does it offer premium protection for a one off fee that gives you lifetime support but it will automatically update the virus database every hour to keep you protected.

Save time and money with Malwarebytes Coupon

Spending in a time of cuts? Have you ever heard the term time is money, well if your wasting time constantly having to remove viruses and infections from your computer then your time is being wasted, and if time is money then you’re losing both your time and money in spending more hours fixing your computer than using it, so really Malwarebytes is extremely affordable and can save you hours of frustration because you won’t have to keep scanning, and often won’t have to re-install your whole computer back to factory settings to get rid of a nasty bit of malware that’s ruined your computer, this means you will save time and money, we at can help you save even more money by applying our Coupon Code through our link you can save an additional 15% to 25% (depending on current offer price) on Malwarebytes Anti-Malware full edition, our Malwarebytes Coupon code will give you the same lifetime license at a one off cost with all the same features but the only thing that is cut is the price.

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