New Malwarebytes Improves Scanning Update 1.62

Malwarebytes has released a new update that helps improve the scanning speed and detection rates, Malwarebytes is known worldwide for its excellant detection rates and engine that help millions of people free there computers from viruses and malware for free. This is a minor update but there is plenty in the pipeline some of the main features of this upgrade help the updates perform faster and numuros minor improvments in the software have also been updated.

The largest update is the Chameleon techonology behind the Malwarebytes scanning feature – it’s been updated in 1.62 to protect against the latest threats, this means people who have the full version of Malwarebytes will enjoy better protection in realtime, you can also enjoy a free trial on Malwarebytes using the new Pro Trial when you install Malwarebytes if you are happy with the realtime protection features and other things included then please use our Malwarebytes Coupon to save 25% on Malwarebytes.

Other changes mean that more drives are detected and network paths too, all can be scanned and are listed in the scanning feature. This is a small update with a big punch against cyber criminals as it means Malwarebytes is ready for the next generation of threats against computer users by updating its detection and scanning engine, and faster update delivery it means that threats will be seen and detected earlier and removed even quicker with the new engine Malwarebytes has released, if you use the full version that we highly recommend your computer will have a boost of protection even more.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Update 1.62 is one of many updates to come that will improve Malwarebytes even further keeping it first in the world for detection and removal of viruses.